Request to lower the knock back


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I know the knock back is high because of the no cap bhop, but on maps where there is bhop capped so it become ct sided.
- Human guns already got buff to 50+ bullets, only pistols, snipers and shotguns is lower than 30.
- Every time you shoot a zombie you get $30+, and grenade cost $5000 every purchase multiplier like weapon, which mean one person can throw grenade every 3 minutes less and if there are 20 humans defending that mean almost every 30 seconds there is a grenade.
- Zombies Hp is low 5000 is just not enough, if you get cornered it took you 3s for 10 human to gun you down and for some reason you can't jump when you get cornered.
- Because of high knock back it very hard to get pass the obstacle and when you do you gonna get mow down and die.
- Most server when a zombie jump you don't get launch for 500m unless it a headshot but because the knock back on server is too high every normal jump is like a launcher ready to launch you.
- Sometime the knock back is too high you accidentally boost a zombie.
- And because the knock back is high most hard defend map become easy where 20 humans can carry the team, just like on some map like frostdrake boss fight if team is good you don't go from 35 humans to 19 humans at the end of boss fight and that 19 humans overpower defend 40 zombies with out any danger or risk
- The R8 knock back is on the roof, too high even for body shoot so it hecome like a sniper without scope so why bother disable sniper when you have R8 ?
Basically you can change the bhop speed with a plugin on certain maps so why dont do that with gun knock back, grenade, money, etc or just remove the bhop cap.
PSE ze is fun but this need to be change, it stupidly disgusting.