Old IP Address has been deprecated (ZE Server)


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[7/21/2021 - 18:30 UTC+9]

When we switched the server machine to the nice Linux machine we are using now in February 2021, the server IP had been changed to a new IP, but kept the old IP address for the last 5 months so that either IP could connect to the server. (In fact, when you played the game, you were redirected from to
After a few months, we have decided that we no longer need the old IP address, so is deprecated now.
You can now connect to the server only using
If you have not added the new IP to your list of favorite servers in CS:GO, do so now.

2月に実施されたサーバー機移行の際にIPアドレスが従来の から 現在の に変更されましたが、この5ヵ月間は混乱を避けるために、どちらのIPでも接続できるようなシステムを組んでいました。
まだゲーム内のサーバーブラウザに新しいIPアドレスで登録していない方は、 を追加するようお願い致します。

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