Permanent restricted


I don't know who you are.To deal it,please paste your steam profile page.


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You are using map items to guide your team's defeat.
And not just once, but multiple times so far.
I restricted the use of your map item to prevent that.
You ignore the leader's instructions and other advice.


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Is that what you think of me? Okay I explain my side too.

I pick items because I want to learn how to use it against zombies. Before I did that I observe many times to other players how it really works. Then I'm thinking if they can do it, I want to try it too. Most of the time I did it well. But sometimes I made mistakes and I'm sorry I did my best, for me it's normal because any players make mistakes because where not perfect, specially with me I'm just practicing and I really want to get better. Even computer make errors. Not to mention some other players don't like me I can understand they trash talking with me. And the command is often is that I can't understand what they trying to tell, if simple word like this "hey bro after this is your turn to use that item" not a single word sometimes ,then if your not going to use it they just, "hey what the ****" then they blame you so for me it's really hard how do i put my self in the game. But I don't really mind them, every players of this game I respect them. I did my part but my best is not good enough.

I can accept if ban me for several days because you think I intentionally feeding but I didn't Im just playing poorly I was commiting mistakes that all, for me it's really bit of unfair that I can't use items anymore I was trying to get better because spending time of this game. You have spotted me that commiting mistakes and I think that was my bad day. I can't blame you I think it's your job to eliminate noobs like me.

I really appreciate your response and thank you I just want to clear my name.


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Based on your opinion, I would like to cancel the permanent eBAN.
There may also be misunderstanding, at least I totally ignore a few mistakes.
As you said, if i do not tolerate mistakes, ppl will not learn and ppl will not have the opportunity to grow.
The reason I decided BAN you was because it led to multiple team defeats and seemed to ignore instructions.(just looked like it)
Beginners who use most items don't know how to use them and haven't heard any instructions.
"when doubt, just punish."
so, to prevent team defeat, I must constantly look at people, doubt them, and punish them.
There will be more people who hate me than people who hate you, but it's my job and I understand it.
Anyway, I hope you will be the one who will help other beginners grow.

To unlock eban you must be on the server and the admin must unlock it.
I can unban when I see you, but I'm not always on the server, so ask to another admin if exists in the server.
If you are asked why, just tell to admin the URL of this thread or you can say "I talked about this with uru".


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I forgot to write this,
Please use the item more carefully from the next.
If you don't know how to use it, you should not get it.
Watch closely for players who use other items.