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Map name: ze_madara_temple_v1_csgo

Map Size: 149MB

Download Link:
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Has Items: yes.

Has Boss: yes. There's only 1 level which is big and hard

Entwatch: No entwatch file. I dont have enough time to create it right now.

Tested on other servers: Not yet.

Reason for adding/ChangeLog:
Fixes made on new madara and new updates by madara permissions/orders:
-Fixed boss now it moves smoothly like it should ( like css)
-Fixed Particles
-Fixed lighting (The last port was badly ported, players told me port it again, Madara suggested me to port it too)
-Fixed props
-Fixed Collisions on props (recompiling props for csgo broke all collisions on old port because of complexity,I remade all of them)
-Fixed flashlight crash
-Fixed Music/sounds
-Fixed water (now we can have the css water on csgo)
-Optimized the map for better fps(edited)

New things added:
at boss fight
-Brushes/pillars after trigger so that player can return normally

Port and (few updates by me) is completely done from scratch as requested by Mapper.
Let me know when to test the map and to report bugs on discord... Henry.#3695