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I recently thought; the current setting is too easy in my opinion.
So we were playing stage 5 of Serpentis Temple; and had 8 humans and 50 zombies in the last defend, despite that you could defend zombies with no zombies getting inside the chopper. A while ago Rulucy changed the bhop settings and changed settings around the knockbacks at the same time, and it was atleast balanced. now we have thas' bhop restriction plugin, which is making the settings really easy imo. (Especially when you're in the air- you will get higher knockback since we had un-capped bhop, it hasn't changed yet.)

I think the knockback settings need to be adjusted to the current bhop setting, or the bhop settings need to be changed. (personally I liked the well balanced settings from 2018 to 2019.) I'd like to hear your opinions!





◆about current setting
It's actually easier than that of setting in June 2020.

◆How do you think about easy setting
In my opinion, I would prefer easy setting to hard one.
But of course, we need to remember that if we make setting easier, it may lead to these problems like,
・lack a sense of achievement when you beat hard maps
・lack a sense of tension when you are running away from zombies

◆How about returning current setting to before.
I don't remember the setting at that time, but it may be better than that of setting in June 2020.

(Don't point out about grammer.)
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In my opinion; PSE's old settings (before Rulucy changed bhopping) were fine, the knockback was not too high as to where playing Zombie is unfun, but not too low as to where you can't do anything against a zombie by yourself, it also had decent air acceleration and movement settings so it's not frustrating to die because you strafed too much or you can't even strafe at all due to settings, while having bhop disabled (300 max speed) means you won't lose rounds due to one very good player (or bhop hacker!) We should go back to these settings, rather than the current unbalanced ones.

If you want to keep bhop (even though it's currently disabled) you should still make the movement better, you also need to manage maps individually, some maps are not made with bhop in mind and it can break them by having it enabled.

If I really took into account the playerbase of PSE, it's not very good compared to other servers, I would like to adjust the settings by restricting bhop properly and not with a plugin and lowering knockback, which would make it more enjoyable for new and tryhard players alike.

Just for clarifying; what i meant by old settings is when we had no bhop, and low knockbacks. (2017-2019)
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A big problem i could think of aswell; You can possibly have really easy settings on the maps that are supposed to be hard, considering the nade burn time as well. Nade burn time can be too long on current settings, it is currently up to 7 seconds on some maps. (iirc?) Imagine there are 50 humans and 10 zombies, the zombie can be on fire and unable to do anything for more than 6 and a half minutes, not even counting for grenade rebuys.

Well- so basically you'll have 6-7 nade burn time, no bhop and really high knockback settings at the same time, which could make these hard maps easier. I'd like to keep these maps at high level and not ruin the difficulty of winning, even though the players aren't good enough to beat them. (they can always get improved!)

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PSE's settings are just confusing, knockback is high and that is easy, yet rebuys are incredibly expensive ($4750 for SMGs but m249 is only $5k) they have the hardest rebuy settings if you exclude servers like Sonaki/pF where you can't rebuy despite having some of the easiest knockback and tagging