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Dear friends. I'm from Russia and I can't get to your server. I ran into a typical problem, I don't download your maps. And I can't find them in the public domain because they are unique. Can I ask you to give me a link to absolutely all the server maps? I'll download them and rearrange them for myself. I would be very grateful. I like your server, I want to play but I can't. If I got into the wrong topic, please excuse me, your site segment is not translated correctly.


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We don't provide a direct DL system for maps.
If the map is not available for download, you can also download it from another server's fastdl. (but only on maps that aren't PSE only)
PSE's fastdl only accepts DLs from within the game.


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У вас в какой-то теме были ссылки карт. Половина есть, а другой половины нет.
И если вы загружаете их в то время как на быстром сервере, как я могу пройти через все карты для загрузки?