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Csgo zombie escape leader guideline from qazlll456


Oct 23, 2016
I wrote a guideline about how to be a zombie escape leader, please go in, take a look, and blame me for any mistake.

I tried to copy the whole article to here, but it reaches the limit, so I cut the article to post here, full version needs to go to

CSGO zombie escape leader guideline from qazlll456
Inspire by Unorth

Table of content



Leading preparation

- Hardware requirement
- Speaking sound quality
- Relationship with other active players
- Audience acceptance of a leader

The moment before you leading
- Seek for the right time to lead
- Claim to be a leader
- Do not interfere with any other leader

During leading
- Create uniqueness of a leader
- Be well known of environment
- Identify loyalty player and toxic player
- Observe and control skilful player
- Let the audience involve of your decision
- Emergency emotional first aid

After leading
- Making good relationship with loyalty player
- Appreciate other people trusting you
- Don't always be the leader
- The bystander effect and helping effect


This guideline is made by qazlll456 for concluding the sequence of ideas about leading in CSGO zombie escape mode. After over 1000 hours played time to become a zombie escape leader, I decided to conclude everything that I used and learned by was I am a zombie escape leader.

Unorth is a person that inspired me to start leading, by his legendary skills, he is a trustworthy and reliable leader and friend. I have learned some zombie escape leader skills from him, so his name should be honoured here for all the good reason.

This guideline will be divided into six-part:
Leading preparation
The moment before you leading
During leading
After leading

Leading preparation
The Leading preparation is talking everything that you can do before you take the lead, it involves different area, so even you are not qualified in one area, and you can work on other areas that you are capable.

Hardware requirement
This is a reality requirement, it is all about money. A full-power computer for gaming is pretty expensive these days. Decrease graphics quality to increase gameplay performance is very common these days. In other words, you need to see a terrible, low, ugly object in the game to get high fps.

Fortunately, CSGO zombie escape mode is a game does not require a lot of hardware requirement to play. Even the player choose to connect to a server is located on the other side world and a player can still capable to play and chat.

There are many websites describes much good gaming computer should be, for example, “The best gaming PC 2019: 10 of the top gaming desktops you can buy”[

The suggestion from here will be “you on your own” and “bear the cost you can”, a computer, a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, a mic and a headphone.

Speaking sound quality
This is a personal or microphone issue or both.

The microphone issue will be talking your mic physically or the sound setting on your computer. The microphone quality could be too high to become over quality or too low to unable to use. A over quality microphone can hear your background sound clearly to disturbed other players. A lower quality microphone will pronounce noise annoy people.

The personal issue is talking about a man speaking speed, pronouncing, grammar and logic.

Here are some tips from “Top tips for developing speaking skills – British Council” [chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/https://www.britishcouncil.in/sites/default/files/posters_1.pdf],
I selected two tips that I prefer the most from the report.
Be confident
“Be confident when you speak. Try not to hesitate. Don’t worry too much about what other people think.”

Pronounce your words correctly
“Practise consonant sounds which are difficult for speakers of your first language. Practise pronouncing them loudly and clearly. Think about your tongue, teeth and airflow.”

There is much reason that these two reasons have chosen from the report.

Be confident is very important in a place full of people come from the world, good person and bad person, but the most, it is full of silence person. They actually don’t care what you have spoken, they may don’t even know what you are talking about. Because they don’t speak the language you are speaking. A mistake will be often coming up when you at the beginning section. It is a status to everyone will happen.

Pronounce your words correctly is necessary as a leader. All other people rely on you. When you speak it wrong, speak it incorrectly and let other people misunderstand what you had spoken, it will cause a serious effect which is losing the game. Your accent isn't your problem. You don't need to care your accent when you able to communicate with others. But clearly, your accent problem is not the same as pronouncing.

Here is a TED Talk video talk about English speaking,
From the Speaker "Heather Hansen".

For other languages e.g. Spanish, please refer to your own school class when you learn as a child.

Or, Duolingo [

Relationship with other players
Help from the others is very important, I would state some example here for a good situation when you are the leader.

Example 1:
More than 10 men support your leadership and speak loud wanted you to become the leader.
Example 2:
There is no other person here wanted to lead.
Example 3:
The admin won’t stop your leading and help you stop others interrupt you.

So, the opposite and bad situation for you will be as follow:

Example 1:
No one support you to be the leader.
Example 2:
There is a person/group of people stand out to disagree or even against you to be the leader.
Example 3:
The admin will stop you by mute you or anything to stop you.

A leader is nothing without an audience.
If the leader leading group of people, it is a flexible place.
About becoming a leader:
1. No one can stay forever
2. No one needs to stay forever
3. Don't make a person stay forever
4. Change the leader when you needed
5. And respect other people who are the leader

No one has to listen to anyone, everyone feels free to do whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want. Don’t force anyone to listen to any leader,

Obey Causality, someone did stupid things, he deserves to die. We are never able to wake people up when they fake sleep.
Audience acceptance of a leader
How important you are?

A simple test can help you.
1. Become the leader.
2. Stop speaking instantly at one point.
3. Check how many people die / when people start dying after you are silencing.

When you are needed to most, people will die immediately the moment you silence.
When no one needed you, no one even notices you are silencing.
Some complicated case will be just a few people died and difficult to know that these people died is it count on you.

This table can apply to a theory from me; to measure a leader performance and ability, use a percentage of the living after the round win to identify. When a leader almost every time only he survival, equally mean he abandon everyone around him. So, on the other hand; when a leader can maintain the living percentage from the beginning, it is a good leader since from the beginning.

There one especially case I want to point out, there is a type of leader will help their self and their friends, and not included others. Sometimes you may survival as a "side effect", but their main purpose of leading wasn't to save you, it is the man "talking" and their friends.
Table of Status of different situation.png

Table of suitable time factor to lead1.png

table of teammate ze skills1.jpg