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Unban request


New Member
May 17, 2016
Game name: Yudi
Admin who banned me: Shimelar
Ban length: 9999 minutes
Ban reason: Minigun teamkill on Paranoid (https://bans.possession.jp/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=Yudi&Submit=Search)

I would like to discuss about my ban that took place a few mins ago on Paranoid Resurrection, if you guys do not know, Ìt's a classic ze CS:S map that was made solely for fun purposes only, nothing of tryhard or anything of sort serious, it was made for people to troll around, have fun, enjoy time, it's one of the most unique maps ever made in counter strike source, with a variety of gameplay modes and items, it's regarded in 90% of ze servers a troll map where nothing should be taken seriously no matter what you do gameplay wise (knifing/trimming/etc).

Now going back to my point, i recently got banned on Paranoid for trimming humans using the minigun item (if the item overheats it explodes and kills any humans around within a few radius), and 1 minute later, i got 1 week banned by Shimelar.

Bans like this should not be acceptable because he did not even warn me or anyone one in the server that trolling on Paranoid was not allowed in PSE, even though Paranoid is known to be a not serious business map, and i've seen a lot of players trolling on it previously,if anyone who has basic paranoid knowledge plays in any server currently playing it, you just gotta have to assume that he is gonna trim no matter what, because it was never against the rules in general in the first place, im not the only one who trims people on it, I did not troll with any intentions of ruining the enjoyment of the players or anything, but it's because of the nature of the map for being a place to enjoy it and troll around and aim for that guud solo.

Rule or not, i promise the next time the same action won't be repeated again, sorry for the late edit btw.

edit 2: even some of the admins themselves admitted to trimming humans with minigun on paranoid.

edit 3: Someone (not expliciting his name) provided me a video link where Shimelar (the admin who banned me) demonstrates similar behaviour to mine's in a SERIOUS map in which he was trolling with items and not using them accordingly, which clearly shows hypocriticism in here. --->

PS: my english might not be the best, but it's understandable, thanks for reading.
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Staff member
Apr 14, 2019
PSE has a wide range of players from beginners to advanced players.
Some users start ZE from CSS, some users start ZE from CSGO, and some have just started.
Of course, some people don't know that the Paranoid is troll map.
Inside that, I think deliberate team kill is not so good.
But since you knew Paranoid is troll map, so you probably did a team kill as a joke.
I will lift your ban because I don't think it's a troll for people inconvenience.
Next time, think about the players around you and play ZE!
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