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[CSS/Source Mod] CSPromod

Cheshire: 76

New Member
Mar 4, 2019
CSPromod is released on 2007, a source mod game featured CS 1.6 mod for CSS, but game is launch by Source SDK Base 2007
The Dev Team is lastly release the 1.10 version and stop the developing&update to new version, i guess the some background reason is to be on Dev Team

I'm usually play this mod at morning, cuz play the deathmatch with bots helping wake up the my brain and have more better aiming skills

Weapons are only can be use


*How to install?

1. You need download the CSPromod from MODDB, you should be download the 1.10 ver, link is here =

2. If you finish the download install file, launch the install file and set up the location to your steam dictionary, cspromod sourcemods files gonna be set up
3. Download the SourceSDK 2007
4. You need the cstrike files folder for base file, let me give the my MEGA link =

5. Finish the download the cstrike.zip and unzip it, and move the cstrike folder to Source SDK Base 2007 folder
6. Restart the your steam and "CSPromod BETA 1.10" is showed up on your steam library, click the launch and play the CSP

If you have problem with install or other questions, PLZ ask to me
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