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Request for removing ban status


Dwarf Planet
Jul 8, 2018

First of all, I politely apologize to everyone that my linguistic toxicity and attitude. I won't slandering people way too much anymore in PSE discord.

I tried to reduce my mic spamming after receiving several warnings and mutes. if this is my most important reason of BAN, I'll try to reduce more slowly as much as I can.

And I will do my best to help the community, not fulsome toxicity.

I could have a long reflection. Thanks for attention.
Sep 25, 2018
You have in total 3 bans on server but you did do more than 3 times for breaking the rules .

- Ignoring admins warning
- Mic spamming (Leading zombies and human lead got cutted out)
- Disrespected Admins (especialy for me)
- Disrespected Members (1 week ban)
- Being Toxic toward players.
- Hate Speech toward any maps. (Do NOT being selfish)
- Hate Speech on BIGGER Community (GFLClan.com) after getting 1 week ban

we do not WANT our playerbase became full of toxic people , if you keep showing them the "toxic" people going copy you and things going get worse. me as admin just doing my job , maintain the community and keep POSSESSION to right way.

but after you got 1 week BAN you just POSTED bad stuff to our server on GFLClan.com discord. its called SPEECH HATE , if you really serious about this Request , Here the list you need to do

1. You need to apologize to POSSESSION community for making the community looks bad toward GFLClan members
2. You need to apologize to Our Admins team , Some of admins hating you (including me)
3. You need to apologize to POSSESSION Members for being toxic toward them
4. I recommend Do NOT using IN-GAME mic , but you feel free to using IN-GAME Chat Feature. and also you can using Discord Voice chat
5. Do NOT playing the MAP You dont like , This when you became too toxic . if you want map change fast . DO NOT LEADING ON ZOMBIE TEAM
6. IF You get unban , you need to be CAREFUL , if we (admin team) receiving report about You. the ban WILL BE PERMANENT keep that in mind.

And ofcourse im not going unban you , ROOT admin will do it after review this topic