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unban request

  1. Donald J. Trump

    Unban Request

    I got banned from avoid AFK management by press W. I don't use macro, i connect my laptop to my phone by steam link and tap W and 1 button per minutes. It's my fault, i want to get 40k credits to buy my favorite character so i chosen that method. I realized my fault, i promise never relapse...
  2. akarin

    Unban request

    ok so i just picked up an item(barricade) and i accidentally clicked "E"and it blocked gandalf i didn't mean to :// and yes sorry it was my mistake if possible can i please get unban?and i promise it wont happen next time
  3. H

    i was suddenly banned while playing ze server yesterday

    i was ban from this server and i don't even use a any hack can you cancel the ban?