Ban List


SteamID Name Was issued Ends Reason AID Action
STEAM_1:0:79798323 Crown (foil) inflating Azure
STEAM_0:1:178211187 SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Never Disconnection immediately after repeated child zombification and too many go to mother spec I warned them, but they didn't improve, so it's permanent. The rules are written in the forum of this server. Please check it. yukkuri
STEAM_1:0:53240238 xXswag한슈rektXx item_troll Azure
STEAM_1:1:622699034 󠀡󠀡 Never bhop hack CONSOLE
STEAM_0:0:622615632 No nickname present Never Use of cheat tools and hacks yukkuri
STEAM_1:0:53240238 xXswag한슈rektXx Troll SHUFEN
STEAM_1:0:173379512 heelzxy Never bhop hack CONSOLE
STEAM_0:0:107652389 ゆっくり Never macro afk zyakosenpai
STEAM_1:1:591352989 阿一代一代一代 knife boost yukkuri
STEAM_1:0:620283641 Yaysa Never bhophack urucy
STEAM_1:1:18760328 シャミ子 Never Team Killing Azure
STEAM_1:1:20774122 `Krv. knife Azure
STEAM_0:1:458113579 best ak47 Never Racism tarutaru
STEAM_1:0:613889438 КИСУЛЬКА Never Bhop Hack CONSOLE
STEAM_0:1:445135950 kurashisu Never macro afk zyakosenpai
STEAM_0:0:606486358 人生が楽しすぎる! inflating 意図的にゾンビになる行為 yukkuri
STEAM_1:1:18611058 개구락지^-_-^ Never macro afk urucy
STEAM_0:1:96586652 OVO 60 urucy
STEAM_0:0:191014743 T R A $ H 1440 urucy
STEAM_0:1:170133891 dArling Never bhop hack urucy