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Script [VScript] MapPlugins v3.3.0

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What's been added to v2.3
- HudHint Proxy and HudHint PrintMessage
- Damage utils
- Prop input utils
- Random.Int(iMax) and Random.IntRange(iMin, iMax)
- Shufflebag class

Will post the archive tomorrow.
- Fixed EntCreateClassname and EntFindClassname bugs.
- Added more entity utility functions.
- Added more math utility functions.
- Renamed function Math.InsideRadius to Math.WithinRadius and function Math.InsideAngle to Math.WithinAngle
- Updated codes for Math.WithinAngle function.
- Renamed utility functions, added default argument values to entity utility functions for shorter code typing
- Added String.Fill function
- Ported utilities from Raid Scripts. Which is, Math, Animation and Thruster.*
- Revised mapscript includes arrangement for new functions.
- Added Map.ReloadScripts and Map.Restart functions for updating script in the game.
- Now the script will register it's entity as proxy.

*I don't guarantee the result of Math.InsideAngle is 100% accurate. The reason is that, I'm not confident that I've understood how the source engine internal angles mechanism works.
Changelog VS v2.0.2
- Revised license conditions

Changelog SM v1.1
- Renamed functions
Changelog v2.0.1
- Fixed EventPlayerDisconnect(data) not triggering.
Changelog for v2.0
- Added license information.
- Included example script info and map configuration files.
- Changed script info configuration design.
- Added kill player and kill team utility.
- Updated player info functions.
- Added sm.nut to streamline SM to VS function call method.
- Updated sourcemod plugin for calling vscript player_connect and player_disconnect events.
- VScript now capture player_connect and player_disconnect events through sourcemod plugin.