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  1. kie @ kie:
  2. ken @ ken:
  3. angel245597 @ angel245597:
    Excuse me, If i donate Tier 3 can i decide when to stop donate?
  4. Urucy @ Urucy:
    A vip period is given according to the amount of donation.
  5. Urucy @ Urucy:
    will not be donated automatically.
  6. angel245597 @ angel245597:
    ok thanks
  7. Tora520Rem @ Tora520Rem:
    I'm so bad at that Temple map lmao.SRY GUYS.ALL MY BAD==
  8. N @ N0ctis:
    Yo. can anyone tell me how do i use the PSE tag ingame?
  9. N @ N0ctis:
    zombie escape server btw
  10. Yuzura @ Yuzura:
    Option > game settings
  11. (Φ人Φ) 菈米雅嘶嘶 @ (Φ人Φ) 菈米雅嘶嘶:
    !saysound is no list? like ...... 1.!nep 2.!tutury 3.mario_death 4...... only get to know this from other player type in chat to
  12. (Φ人Φ) 菈米雅嘶嘶 @ (Φ人Φ) 菈米雅嘶嘶:
  13. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    it's bot symphonia not saysound. you can find bot symphonia sound list in your csgo directory in a folder \csgo\sound\misc\
  14. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    but the bot symphonia list in the misc folder might be outdated. there are commands that are no longer work.
  15. Urucy @ Urucy:
    no, csgo\sound\misc is only saysounds.
  16. Urucy @ Urucy:
    symphonia bot is private. so, sounds file is no public. if you want to know sympho cmd list, please ask Rulucy.
  17. Sinha @ Sinha:
    can we have !ken back please? xD
  18. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    there are a folder for bot sympho in this directory steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\sound\misc\ps_2017_0629\torchlight
  19. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    but some are outdated and can't be used in the server now
  20. zLqte(ラテ) @ zLqte(ラテ):
    ze_necromanteion_v3_1 broken. Level does not go up
  21. zLqte(ラテ) @ zLqte(ラテ):
  22. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    also happened few days ago. is it disabled due to mg trigger part on lv3?
  23. zLqte(ラテ) @ zLqte(ラテ):
  24. zLqte(ラテ) @ zLqte(ラテ):
    ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)¯\_
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