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  1. Cheshire: 76 @ Cheshire: 76:
    @QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK set the PSE group tags
  2. loveliver @ loveliver:
    how to earn credit?
  3. loveliver @ loveliver:
    Can I buy credit?
  4. Urucy @ Urucy:
  5. Fu Hua @ Fu Hua:
    just play on the server :p
  6. KittyKat @ KittyKat:
    hi, how do I solve missing map problems? o,O
  7. CatisCute @ CatisCute:
    An alternative way to solve 'missing map' is to google the name of missing map, download it and put the ***.bsp to csgo/map
  8. Urucy @ Urucy:
    if missing map
  9. Urucy @ Urucy:
    open console, and see map's download link. and after download, move to csgo's map folder
  10. MasterGin @ MasterGin:
    Hello guys, how much is max credits per second i can get ?:p
  11. AMD1221 @ AMD1221:
    Hey MasterGin! If you have the tag, donator status you can expect 12-14 per minute
  12. AMD1221 @ AMD1221:
    You can also gain credits through the math quizzes they range credits from 20-99
  13. AMD1221 @ AMD1221:
    Finally, after playing an hour, you can use the !login and get 50 credits + 50 jewel. you can use the 50 Jewel to make 250 credits
  14. Tora520Rem @ Tora520Rem:
    What is the donation perk about?What will be given to the Donator
  15. Urucy @ Urucy:
    can donate since 2$
  16. Urucy @ Urucy:
    and, given credits booster, reserved slot, color tag(tag, name, joinmsg),
  17. Urucy @ Urucy:
    more zombie skin, body color change (include rainbow))
  18. JESS @ JESS:
    Excuse me, I donated 5 dollars. Why is there no donor effect in the game?
  19. Urucy @ Urucy:
    please recheck !vip command in pse server.
  20. zLqte(ラテ) @ zLqte(ラテ):
  21. Synch02 @ Synch02:
  22. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
  23. *Na-G4! @ *Na-G4!:
  24. _Raio_ @ _Raio_:
  25. Gopa @ Gopa:
    whens diddle
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