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  1. satoka @ satoka:
    add me on steam, and call me when u see hacker. I can be ur witness.
  2. satoka @ satoka:
    @SoNik try another aspect ratio when you are setting on.
  3. satoka @ satoka:
    also turn off special environment(ultrawide monitor, multiple monitors or something else) if you have these.
  4. N @ nightshow3x:
    kicked for slot while been in zombie
  5. N @ nightshow3x:
    admin aboose plus cheater & hackers in the server and afk this serer dying like this making money no point fixing anticheat and ban hackers
  6. satoka @ satoka:
    tell his name on private message. Im gonna overwatch him.
  7. satoka @ satoka:
    Don't worry about my skill.I did overwatch over 100 times and got thanked by Valve so many times.
  8. BAN @ BAN:
  9. Syu_Syu@Yamaneko @ Syu_Syu@Yamaneko:
  10. Urucy @ Urucy:
  11. BAN @ BAN:
  12. N @ nightshow3x:
    need admin on the server hackers
  13. BAN @ BAN:
  14. N @ nightshow3x:
    alee and team really need to learn to play and stop trolling iteam drop /ddos ip adress his team mate
  15. N @ nightshow3x:
    ddos my friend ip tracked it your people are really breaking the law by ddos ip adresss and crashing csgo games /setting
  16. N @ nightshow3x:
    for your mistake you make you complain to ban that person and when they do it they dont get eban or ban for it
  17. Yutt1 @ Yutt1:
    all you need is reading my guide which is free for now; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2159782609
  18. Urucy @ Urucy:
  19. Azure @ Azure:
  20. Yutt1 @ Yutt1:
    rebranding my name!
  21. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    is there any program to download all ze map? like vauff made.
  22. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    especially pse port map only
  23. ✪ mikasa @ ✪ mikasa:
    i'm too lazy to download one at a time
  24. Yutt1 @ Yutt1:
    From now I will start punishing people caught using hyperscrolls, as it is an unfair advantage.
  25. oppai星人 @ oppai星人:
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